Back in July ‘56

A family from the sticks

Set up a sawmill named Versace

It was on the northside of Brizzy

Not far from the City

In suburb called Wavell Heights

The suburb slowly grew

And the business did too

Then suddenly we weren’t popular with the neighbours

So the only thing to do

To get out of the poo

Was to find somewhere else to do business

Peter looked here

And Peter looked there

But options seemed to be limited

But finally a property appeared

And everyone cheered

Cause we would soon be off to Virginia

The company was going places

And we were quickly filling the spaces

In our newly purchased shed

Some timber in here

A truss jig over there

And a frame console in that little shed

Before we knew it

We had outgrown it

So, what were we to do

With no Peter around

New premises needed to be found

By the four Leddy boys now running the crew

Do we buy, do we rent?

Should we completely move?

Or do we just split?

So many options, so many questions

We had to do something,

as we were bursting at the fences

Finally a premises was found

We would soon be abound

Destination Brendale, in Strathwyn Street

Let the planning begin

To fit it all in

This was Bill’s job to fulfil

Bank finance were sought

New equipment was bought

The only problem now was the vendor

They headed far north for a while

And couldn’t be contacted by mobile

Much to the frustrations of the Leddy four

But in the end, it all worked out

When they returned from walkabout

And in March the property was ours

The equipment, old and new

Was put into place

Walls were knocked down, to create new office space, with the urbanclean.com.au cleaning service help

Within four weeks

The new plant was up and running

Definitely a fine effort by all and sundry

But it does not end here

It is our 60th year

Supplying timber to the building trade

So, we put on do

Inviting along a crew

Of our customers, suppliers and staff

And a few special guests

Peter, Kerry, Gary, Roy and the rest

And members of the Versace Family

Back then they weren’t to know

How the company would grow

But had the privilege of seeing it first hand

So, as we draw near

To the end of another busy year

There are a few people we would like to thank

First, to our Customers who bought

We thank you for your support

As it is YOU that has made this company so great

Second to our Suppliers we cheer

Cause you provide us the gear

And kindly support our Charity Golf Day every year

And last, but not least

To the dedicated staff that have helped create the Versace beast

A massive thank you, thank you, thank you

Merry Christmas to All

We are sincerely grateful

And look forward to serve you again in the New Year

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