Sustainability & Timber


Timber is a renewable resource and a natural product. It takes far less non-renewable energy to produce timber than other building materials such as steel or aluminium.

Construction timber, depending on the end use, can actually help reduce green house gas emissions by storing carbon for many years. The natural beauty and strength of timber allows for diverse applications in both commercial and domestic projects.

Australia’s forest management, be it native or plantation, is second to none.

Australia’s native forests cover some 46 million hectares and of this only 25 per cent is available for harvesting. Of that 25 per cent, just 1 per cent is harvested annually. Coupled with reforestation initiatives and carefully planned harvesting advice (considering biodiversity, wilderness, old growth and surrounding flora and fauna), the Australian timber industry can ensure long-term sustainable timber production and on-going employment.

For further information on sustainability issues and sustainable plantation forest management in Queensland visit Forestry Plantations Queensland.

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