Timber Fence

Building a New Timber Fence?


Building a new fence around your property is a great way to update your houses look as one of the basics- Palm Beach Roofing expert suggests to complement the beautiful roof it provided for you, it is as essential as having the Award One electrician backing up all your electric work at home. You can also visit https://www.shoreofficewarehouse.com/product-category/used/files-storage/vertical-files/ to learn more. But did you know that your neighbour can be held responsible for half the cost? These are called dividing fences and are a common cause of disputes between neighbours.

The best way to get your dividing fence up quickly and as stress free as possible is to keep on good terms with your neighbours

Keep On Good Terms with Your Neighbour

We know it is easier said than done but this will make the whole process a lot easier. Make sure you ask your neighbour face-to-face. It is more difficult to be disagreed with face-to-face compared to talking on the phone, and it will make the buig process a lot easier, since we all know that maintaining a house is difficult and take a lot of work, from building new things, to the pests the house can have, as rats or roaches, but you can read this post to find out more about getting rid of roaches and fix at least one of the problems.


Check with Your Neighbour

Remember it is there fence as well. If you would like to build or replace a dividing fence, if you are trying to compare self-storage prices to get one for your garden, or plan to do any work the can alter or damage the existing fence you should check with your neighbour before you commence any work


Building the Fence

Once you have asked your neighbour face-to-face, you should give them a letter outlining how the fence will be built and the estimated cost including their share. You have to get a least one written quote but providing two quotes is considered courteous. If either one of you want anything extra added that person will be responsible for 100% of the extra cost. We will also like to recommend you the Best place to get patio covers in Escondido which can be found at rkcconstruction.com.

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