Fibre Cement Cladding

Versace Timbers has a wide range of Cladding, Plasterboard, Fibre Cement Sheets in stock, see dimensions below, and contact us to ensure your order is fulfilled and we can deliver to you if required. Fibre Cement required very low maintenance once painted. It is resistant to many aspects of wear and tear, wind and weather. It is resistant to permanent water-damage, warping, termites, fungus, rot, decay, and fire resistant.

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Fibre Cement Sheets

Fibre Reinforced Cement (FRC), or better known as fibre cement, developed by James Hardie in the early 1980s, is a popular building material, asbestos-free cement-based building products. It is fire-resistant, moisture resistant, and termite resistant. Engineered to last. Contact us for a free quote.

Environmentally Friendly

Fibre Cement is a friend to the environment. Apart from timber, fibre cement products require less energy for installation than any other products on the market. Free from pesticides, and uses sustainable materials in production and in the process of it manufacturing the water is repeatedly reused.

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Ceramic Tile Underlay

We have a extensive range of fibre sheeting as well as joiners & corners.


  • 2440x900x7.5

  • 2440x1200x7.5

  • 2725x900x7.5

  • 2725x1200x7.5

  • 3000x900x7.5

  • 3000x1200x7.5

Tile Underlay

  • 1800x900x6

  • 1800x1200x6

Fibre Cement

  • 1800x900x4.5 & 6

  • 1800x1200x4.5 & 6

  • 2400x450x4.5

  • 2400x600x4.5

  • 2400x750x4.5

  • 2400x900x4.5 & 6

  • 2400x1200x4.5 & 6

  • 2700x900x4.5 & 6

  • 2700x1200x4.5 & 6

  • 3000x900x4.5 & 6

  • 3000x1200x4.5 & 6

Compressed Fibre Cement

  • 1800x900x15

  • 1800x1200x15

  • 2100x900x15

  • 2100x1200x15

  • 2400x900x15

  • 2400x1200x15

  • 2700x900x15

  • 2700x1200x15

  • 3000x900x15

  • 3000x1200x15

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