Laminated Timber .

Laminated Timber

Versace Timbers, a family-owned and operated business, has been dealing in top-of-the-line laminated timber supplies for many years. Our extensive range of high-quality engineered timber is designed to suit most any environment, from residential applications to commercial projects. Versace Timbers’ laminated hardwood products are produced using the latest technologies to ensure the highest standards of quality and durability.

Using unique lamination processes, our laminated timber combines the stability of different kinds of wood to produce dependable structural products. Our laminated timber can offer superior strength and dimensional stability in comparison with other solid wood boards, posts or panels. The combination of different wood species allows us to achieve highest strength and stability values.

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Versace Timbers is Brisbane’s top provider of durable, stable, and dependable timber laminated beams. Choose Versace Timbers for quality laminated timber solutions. Contact us online or call 07 3266 9000 for more information. You can also visit us at Samantha Place, Shed 2B/605 Zillmere Rd in Aspley.

At Versace Timbers we pride ourselves on providing high quality structural timber supplies to all of South East Queensland

Laminated Timber Beams for Structural Use

Laminated structural beams offer a number of advantages over traditional wood and steel beams, including increased strength, rigidity, and durability. They are also more resistant to fire and rot, making them an ideal choice for commercial construction projects.

Because timber laminated beams can be manufactured in many sizes or shapes, they are often used to create structures with complex designs. Timber laminated beams can also be used in projects that require same level of stability that traditional wood or steel beams are able to provide. Ultimately, laminated structural beams offer architects and engineers an effective building solution for a wide range of demanding applications.

Our Range of Laminated Timber

Laminated Beams

Laminated timber beams are strong, durable structural components used to provide support and stability to building structures. Made of multiple layers of wood or other material laminated together, they are often found in roof trusses, floor joists and wall frames. Their strength comes from the combination of materials that make up each individual beam, as well as the structural integrity provided by their shape.

Laminated Posts

Laminated posts are commonly used in post and beam construction. The key feature of laminated posts is their ability to provide strength and stability while reducing weight compared to other types of post construction. This makes them great for applications such as decks, balconies, stairways, porches, fences and more. They typically consist of two or more layers of lumber glued together, often with an adhesive or resin. The layers are evenly spaced to create a stronger post that is less likely to warp or bend than standard posts.

Customise Your Order

Laminated timber can be ordered with specific dimensions, shapes and sizes chosen by the customer. This allows designers and architects to create designs that are one of a kind and sure to stand out. With laminated lumber, the possibilities are endless. You can be sure that the finished product will look exactly as you envisioned it.  Custom ordering laminated lumber can be a great way to create unique structures and other projects that will look their best.

Benefits of Laminated Hardwood

Laminated timber is a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for wood based construction. It has been used in a variety of applications ranging from bridges to support beams and can be manufactured to meet custom specifications. Laminated hardwood is an excellent choice for those who want the strength of traditional lumber without compromising their environmental conscience. Unlike traditional lumber, laminated lumber is made by combining layers of smaller pieces of wood together using adhesives. This helps keep deforestation to a minimum by reducing and reusing waste associated with timber production. Additionally, laminated timber is much easier to produce in larger quantities than traditional timber. This reduces the relative price of the product and makes it ideal when project costs are of key importance. Laminated lumber also provides an attractive finish that’s sure to last for years to come. Overall, laminated timber is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for those looking to build structurally sound structures without sacrificing their wallets or the environment.

Versace Timbers is Your Source for Laminated Hardwood

Whether you’re constructing a cabin, renovating a house or building furniture – let Versace Timbers provide you with the right timber for your project! We are leading suppliers of timber Brisbane wide. Our commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices is second to none.

For more information about our range of laminated timber and other structural timber, contact us online or call 07 3266 9000 to speak to one of our experienced team members. You can also visit us at Samantha Place, Shed 2B/605 Zillmere Rd in Aspley. Let us help you create something truly unique

Visit Versace Timbers at our timber yard for all your timber and building needs. We have pre-stocked speciality timbers for any project and cater to orders of all sizes. Get in touch or call (07) 3266 9000 to speak to our friendly team to place an order for your next project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laminated timber is a type of wood construction material composed of layers of wooden boards glued together with adhesive. This process, also known as lamination, provides a stronger and more resilient material than traditional timber.  This is because as the adhesive dries and the boards harden, they become fused together in a strong, uniform sheet.

Laminated engineered beams have many advantages over other kinds of timber beams. They are more resistant to warping and cracking due to the lamination process, which creates tight bonds between each layer of wood. The product also tends to be lighter in weight than traditional timber and has better resistance to moisture and water damage. Additionally, the production of engineered beams requires significantly less energy than traditional timber or steel beams, making them a more sustainable option.

The strength and durability of laminated timber makes it an ideal material for use in construction projects such as flooring, roofing, and walls. In addition to its structural uses, laminated lumber is also aesthetically attractive and comes in a variety of colours, grains, and patterns. It can also be used to create furniture that is both beautiful, durable and unique.

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