Merbau Timber

Merbau timber is hardwood, native to the indo-pacific region. It is a termite resistant and rot-resistant. Great for flooring and outdoor projects. It is a very durable timber. Merbau is also known as kwila timber. Reddish brown in colour.

Merbau Timber Decks

Merbau (Kwila) timber is particularly popular for use as a decking timber. When using Merbau timber for outdoor projects, or building a deck. It is recommended that you remove the tannins from the timber before you apply protection oils from the weather sun and moisture. This can be done with sugar soap (no bleach/chlorine) or napisan (sodium per carbonate), allow to dry completely, then apply your decking oils, a few applications are recommended.

Questions About Merbau Timber?

See Versace timbers for all of your merbau wood supplies. We got you covered. Don’t forget to ask our qualified and experienced staff on hand if you need help, or if you have any questions about merbau timber, and its application in your project.


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We stock a full range of Merbau (Kwila) Timber including:

  • Merbau GL17 Beams

  • Merbau Laminated Posts 90x90, 100x100, 140x140 & 190x190.

  • Laminated DAR Hand Rail 70x42, 90x42 & 140x42

  • Ladies Waist - Rebated & Non-Rebated

  • Bread Loaf - Rebated & Non-Rebated

  • Mid Rail 68x42

  • Weather Rail 68x42

  • Merbau (Kwila) Screening & Ballusters 42x19 & 70x19

  • French Light Sills

  • Merbau (Kwila) Dowel

  • Merbau (Kwila) Dowel Fixings

  • Merbau (Kwila) Stained Putty

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