Want to replace that old chain link fence with a beautiful timber one?

Fencing Timber

We stock a large range of posts, pailings, rails, gate frames and nails. Everything you could possibly need to help you build that perfect timber fence.

We Stock the following products to help you build your fence:

  • Pine Pailings – Treated

  • Pine Colonial Pailings – Treated

  • Pine Rails – Treated

  • Pine Post Knobs – Ball and Pointed

  • Hardwood Fence Rails – Treated

  • Hardwood Fence Posts – Treated

  • Gate Latches

  • Hinges

  • Drop Bolts

  • Galvanised Steel Gate Frames

  • Coil Nails

  • Nails

  • Screws

Contact us for a quick quote of everything from screws to palings.