Versace Timbers Expands!


Our dream of opening a second site has finally come to fruition, with settlement going through Wednesday March 30, 2016.

Day one – We are already into it. First to arrive was the new Hubtex Sideloader. Then our new Mini 10 Table Press.

Here we have Tony Nolan and crew starting our internal renovation. Tony has been a loyal customer of Versace Timbers for 20+ years. He keeps telling us he is retiring soon. Maybe after this job? We also have Pat our Frame Foreman checking out the table press, pre-install and Glenn our Roof Truss Foreman helping out as the press table is moved into its new home. We are also making teardrop racking systems for our customers.

On the other hand, sometimes it makes sense to hire a pro rather than take on a job yourself. But choosing the wrong contractor can lead to delays, subpar work, and even legal problems. Global Reblocking have been providing service to the Victorian community for 20+ years. Their aim is to provide clients with great quality reblocking & replacing old timber stumps.

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