Timber Flooring, Hardwood Flooring and More

Looking to add a timeless and sophisticated look to your home with quality timber flooring? At Versace Timbers we are proud to be Brisbane’s leading timber flooring suppliers and accredited Queensland Timber Merchants supplying quality timber flooring across the Greater Brisbane region of South East Queensland.

We stock a large range of structural timber flooring for your convenience. Whether you are a builder or a homeowner, we can provide timber flooring supplies for projects of all sizes.

Would you like to place a special order? Are you in need of a particular hardwood? Just give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call on (07) 3266 9000 for special orders, sales, general buying advice, and all other things timber flooring today. Whatever your timber needs, choose Versace Timbers as your preferred wood flooring suppliers.

As Your Local Timber Flooring Suppliers, We Stock a Wide Range of Timber Flooring to Suit Your Needs

Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for a low maintenance and easy to clean flooring solution? Hardwood flooring might be just what you need. Offering superior strength and durability, a high-quality look, and timeless design, hardwood flooring is a great long-term investment for your home. Due to its durability, your hardwood floor can last a lifetime and can easily be brought back to the beauty of when it was first installed through resanding and repolishing, allowing several generations to enjoy the beauty that is hardwood. It can also offer you cost savings on your electricity bill due to its natural insulation properties!

Make Versace Timbers your hardwood flooring supplier of choice. Visit our Virginia timber yard for hardwood flooring Available in:

  • Cypress T&G EM V1F 85×20
  • Mixed Hardwood T&G EM Standard Grade 80×19
  • Mixed Hardwood T&G EM Standard Grade 60×19
  • Boral Spotted Gum EM T&G Standard & Better 85×19
  • Other Species (Available upon order)

Pine Flooring

Pine flooring is a viable alternative to hardwood flooring that contrary to popular belief is a durable flooring choice that can last decades when cared for. Offering a pleasing appearance, budget-friendly and environmentally sustainable choice, it’s the perfect fit for homes looking for that ‘rustic’ look often associated with log cabins or country homes. As pine is a softwood, we do, however, recommend that you regularly dust and vacuum your floors to remove debris, and refinish your pine flooring periodically depending on use and wear to ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of your pine floorboards.

Our pine flooring comes in Pine T&G No. 2 Clear in both 140×21 and 152x21mm boards and is available for pickup or home delivery from our Virginia yard.

Order the pine flooring you need for your next project by calling our timber floor supplier team on (07) 3266 9000 or visiting us today.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Versace Timber is proud to be an approved reseller of Boral engineered wood flooring. Offering the beauty of solid timber flooring and structural stability of a multi-layered engineered product; It is designed with a 4mm nominal hardwood layer on top for that classic and elegant hardwood feel while being perfectly suited to houses, units, office buildings, and internal walkways. With it’s easy to install application, and engineered design, Boral engineered floorboards can easily be resanded and recoated to offer a long service life.

As leading timber flooring suppliers, we stock Boral engineered wood flooring in Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Blue Gum in 134x14mm and 186x14mm thicknesses and 1,820, and 2,200mm lengths.

Order the Engineered Wood Flooring you need for your next project by calling us on (07) 3266 9000 or visiting us today.

Specialty Products

As a leading timber floor supplier, we also carry a range of speciality flooring and structural timber flooring suitable for a variety of different applications and projects.

Get in touch with our team and ask about our speciality products today:

  • Sycon Secure EXT Flooring 2700x600x19,
  • Untreated Pine Ply T&G Floor A-Bond 2700x1200x15mm,
  • Untreated & Treated Particleboard T&G 3600x900x19mm

What's Right for You?

Choosing the right timber flooring for your home will really depend just as much on your personal preferences as well as the environment your flooring is to be installed in. If you’re going for that rustic ‘log cabin’ feel, pine flooring may be the choice for you. If you live in a relatively humid or dry environment choosing floorboards that have been structurally engineered to be stable such as our Boral engineered wood flooring can reduce any potential warping or shrinkage concerns. Finally, if you’re looking for an elegant and durable solution, Australian hardwoods can really add that luxurious touch to your home.

Need More Help? Contact Us Today?

Visit Versace Timbers, your local timber flooring suppliers for Greater Brisbane and SEQ area, at our timber yard in Virginia for all your timber and building needs. We have pre-stocked speciality timbers for any project and cater to orders of all sizes. Get in touch or call (07) 3266 9000 to speak to our friendly team to place an order for your next project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of timber flooring, unlike many other flooring options including carpets or laminate that need to be replaced more regularly, timber flooring and engineered wood flooring is not only versatile in its use but hard wearing – allowing you to get longevity out of your investment. Available in a wide range of colours and tones, there really is the perfect timber flooring to suit every home style and décor.

Timber flooring comes in a variety of colours, tones and densities. As your local timber flooring suppliers, Versace Timbers stocks a wide range of hardwood flooring including Cypress, Mixed Hardwood and other species on request, as well as Pine and Engineered Wood Flooring. Not sure where to start? Reach out to our friendly hardwood flooring supplier team who are only too happy to discuss all of your timber flooring needs!

One of the many benefits of installing a timber floor is that they can be much easier to clean and maintain than other flooring options. For a general clean use a dry mop to wipe down the surface followed by a damp mop once a month. We don’t recommend hot or wet mopping as this can damage your floorboards. For long term maintenance, one of the benefits of hardwood flooring is that all you need to do get your floors looking brand new is have them sanded and repolished!

Engineered wood flooring looks almost identical to standard hardwood flooring boards on the surface as to be considered ‘engineered wood flooring’, the floorboards need to have a thin layer of hardwood on top. Construction of engineered wood floorboards typically consists of joined layers both hardwood and plywood to create a versatile and affordable product.

As your leading Brisbane based timber flooring suppliers, Versace Timbers aims to keep a wide range of hardwood flooring, structural timber flooring and engineered wood flooring in stock at all times. However, due to seasonal demand and the market availability of each product, lead times can vary depending on order size. For more information, we recommend you get in touch with our engineered and hardwood flooring team who will be able to provide a more accurate and up to date lead time for your order.

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