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LVL - Laminated Veneer Lumber

Structural timber, or Laminated Veneer Lumber is a high-strength engineered wood product made from veneers bonded together under heat and pressure. It is used for permanent structural applications including beams and rafters. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a structural timber product used for its strength and durability qualities.


90 x 35 – random lengths
120 x 35 – random lengths
130 x 42 (45) – 3.6,4.8,6.0
140 x 35 – random lengths
150 x 42 (45) – 3.6,4.8,6.0
190 x 35 – random lengths
200 x 42 (45) – 3.6,4.8,6.0
240 x 35 – random lengths

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Smartjoists & Hyjoists

These beams are lightweight and perfect for residential and commercial construction. SmartJoists & hyJOISTS are strong, light weight, easy to install and available in a wide range of sizes. Smartjoists & hyJOIST gives you more options for designing economical floor joist layouts.

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Cross Laminated Timber - lvl
Smartjoists & hyjoists
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