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Merbau Timber Supplies

Merbau timber, also known as ‘Kwila’, is a type of hardwood that is native to the Indo-Pacific region. This specific hardwood offers superior durability and is termite and rot-resistant. It is highly versatile due to its stability when sufficiently dried and is commonly used in cabinetry, joinery, construction, marine, and outdoor applications. Orange to reddish-brown in colour, Kwila has become a popular hardwood utilised by builders and homeowners across Australia for use in outdoor deck construction. When you need a hardwood for your project that is dependable, durable and versatile, it’s hard to go wrong with Kwila decking.

At Versace Timbers, we have been Brisbane timber suppliers since 1956. Our experienced and qualified team share a passion for timber and are happy to help with any questions you might have regarding Merbau decking timber for your next project.

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Wood characteristics at a glance

Common Name/s:  Merbau Timber / Kwila Timber

Scientific Name: Intsia. I. bijuga

Species Type: Hardwood

Origin: Merbau timber is native to the Indo-Pacific region.

Colour: Orangish-brown when freshly cut, which will age to a darker reddish-brown. There are also small yellow mineral deposits that are water soluble and prone to bleeding.

Grain/Texture: Kwila timber has a straight grain that is interlocked with a coarse texture.

Rot Resistance: Rot and termite resistant.

Density: 670-800 kg/m3 @ 12 percent moisture content.

Workability: Good workability and finishing properties. Will produce a high finish, however,
blades may gum up after prolonged sawing.

Typical Applications of Merbau Wood and Kwila Timber

Outdoor Applications

Indoor Applications


Don’t compromise on the quality of your deck. Merbau decking timber is a favourite among both homeowners and builders alike. Offering superior stability due to its low expansion and shrinkage rate, it is well suited to the Australian climate and is commonly used for decking Australia wide. By using quality Merbau decking for your next project, you will know first-hand that the build was made to last last. 

As your Merbau timber suppliers, we stock ready to install 90×19 Kwila products that are available both smooth and reeded.

Not sure how much Kwila decking you’ll need? Use our handy merbau decking timber calculator to estimate your requirements or get in touch with our friendly team of decking experts for help with all your decking needs.


Beams & Posts

We carry Kwila timber beams and posts that come in a variety of widths and sizes perfect for every job. Need a special size, contact our helpful sales team and we will see what we can do.

Merbau GL17 Beams
Merbau Laminated Posts 90×90, 100×100, 140x140x 190×190

Indoor & Outdoor Railing

As your Merbau timber suppliers, we stock a range of indoor and outdoor railing in a variety of widths and lengths. Whether you’re upgrading an internal staircase or are just starting a housing project. Speak to the team at Versace Timbers for quality Merbau timber Brisbane wide.

Laminated DAR Handrail 70×42, 90×42 & 140×42
Ladies Waist – Rebated & Non-Rebated
Bread Loaf – Rebated & Non-Rebated
Mid Rail 68×42
Weather Rail 68×42

Merbau Screening & Balusters

For both indoor and outdoor applications we carry merbau screening & balusters in 42×19 and 70×19 for projects of all sizes.


For all your finishing needs we carry a wide range of Kwila timber accessories including;

Merbau Dowels
Merbau Dowel Fixing
Merbau Stained Putty

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