NewTechWood Screening & Fencing .

NewTechWood Screening & Fencing

Your backyard is your sanctuary, your own personal slice of the outdoors to enjoy within the comfort of your own home. You deserve to relax without the dangers and hindrances of the Queensland climate, as well as away from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours. When it comes to protecting your personal oasis, NewTechWood fencing and screening products are the premiere choice on the market.

NewTechWood composite screening and fencing products resemble traditional timber but have been designed to handle every condition that the Australian climate is ready to throw at it. Along with the protection and privacy benefits that NewTechWood screening provides, it also comes in a range of colours that will allow you to select the right design to complement your current environment.

Your composite fencing and screening will be maintenance free thanks to a rigorous testing process, meaning you can spend more time relaxing with your NewTechWood screening and less time having to worry about repair costs. Our composite screening and fencing come with a 25-year warranty to further give you peace of mind.

NewTechWood Composite Screening & Fencing Range

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NewTechWood offers a range of solid and hollow profiles to suit your needs within their composite wood screening range. They are available in a variety of colours and their resemblance to natural timber makes for an innovative and environmentally friendly product that can be used in both residential and commercial projects, with its usage suited to privacy screens, facades, and general fencing. With their low maintenance requirements and resistances to mould, stains, and natural fading, NewTechWood screening and fencing allows you to enjoy your new deck without having to waste your time maintaining it.

Available Profiles

US 06 Solid Fascia Board

US 36 Solid Screen Board

UH 07 Square Edge Solid Board (Available in WA only)

UH 55 Hollow Decorative Screen Board

Available by Special Order Only

UH 25 Hollow Decorative Screen Board

UH 26 Hollow Decorative Screen Board

The versatile colours of the NewTechWood composite decking products offer endless styling possibilities and can be easily matched with cladding and screening composite products.

Thanks to NewTechWood, you’ll have more time to enjoy your deck instead of working on it as it doesn’t require any upkeeping. Ready to buy? Browse our range online today or contact us for more.

Why Choose NewTechWood?

As people are becoming more aware of the effects our choices have on the environment, NewTechWood screening and fencing makes it so you can still enjoy the look and feel of natural timber while still being eco-friendly. With the composite wood screening having been built from the ground up, it has also been created with the intent to withstand the elements and provide a durable environment for your home or business.

Along with being weather resistant, NewTechWood fencing and screening is also built for UV protection and is resistant against pests such as termites. Combined with the 25-year warranty for residential properties and the 10-year commercial warranty, NewTechWood’s products are loved by homeowners all over Australia.

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Technical Information

Installing your NewTechWood composite fencing and screening is a simple task, with each purchase coming with a handy Installation Guide that will coach any budding DIY handyman through the process. Please ensure you read through the complete Guide before beginning the installation of your new purchase as failure to follow the Installation Guideline does risk voiding the warranty.

Need More Information?

The NewTechWood screening installation guide can be accessed here and is a handy resource to reference when planning for your composite screening purchase.

Ready To Buy?

If you would like to learn more about the entire NewTechWood composite timber range, from screening to decking, please reach out to us by calling 07 3266 9000 or by contacting us online. If you would prefer to meet in person, you can find us at Versace Timbers at 33 Vauxhall Street, Virginia, Queensland, 4014. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any queries you have about our goods and services, as well as working with you to envision your dream outdoor space. We deliver to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Logan and can also deliver further afield on request.

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