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Elevate your home’s façade with our comprehensive range of interior and exterior timber cladding supplies. Whether you are looking for weatherboards and fascia for your home’s exterior, or that perfect chamferboard to complement your interior décor; As your one-stop timber cladding suppliers, we stock both rough sawn and pre-primed wood cladding in durable hardwoods and lightweight and versatile Losp Pine. With widths up to 280mm and lengths up to 7.2 meters, our manufactured cladding can give your home a facade that is not only timeless but is also easy to redecorate and rejuvenate over time. For an environmentally friendly option that is taken from sustainable sources and requires less fossil fuel to manufacture, place your order with us today for timber cladding Brisbane wide.

Need a helping hand? Get in touch with us or drop by our timber yard where our dedicated and knowledgeable team is on hand to help with all of your internal and external timber cladding needs. We can even help match your wood cladding with the existing profile of your home!

With over 60 years as family-owned and operated leading Brisbane timber suppliers, we pride ourselves on supporting the local timber industry. We love to talk about all things timber, so why not give us a call today for friendly service and expert advice on our entire exterior wood cladding range.

As leading timber cladding suppliers, we offer a range of timber cladding Brisbane wide suitable for all applications.

Our stunning chamferboard Brisbane range is available in both hardwoods and H3 pressured-treated Losp Pine. Pre-primed for easy application and your convenience, enhancing your home’s façade with chamferboard is easier than ever. Get in touch with our team today to order your chamferboard cladding with widths starting from 77mm up to 178mm and lengths up to 5.4 meters.

Front porch of home | Featured Image for the Exterior Timber Cladding Page of Versace Timbers.
Timber cladding | Featured Image for the Exterior Timber Cladding Page of Versace Timbers.

Looking that timeless look for the outside of your home? Our weatherboard is perfect for when you need natural insulation but also want a façade that can easily be redecorated or rejuvenated. Available in treated Losp Pine and hardwoods in 170-175mm widths and up to 5.4 meters in length; We stock and supply the best in exterior timber cladding Brisbane wide. Visit our showroom and place your order by calling our knowledgeable team today for all of your weatherboard needs.

As your leading external timber cladding suppliers, we offer rough sawn and pre-primed Losp Pine board that is perfectly suited for the exterior of your home. Our fascia is designed hold your gutters in place and help protect the edges of your roof from moisture build up and rot while also complementing your home’s exterior façade. Coming at lengths of 4.8 meters, 6.0 meters, and 7.2 meters and widths from 180mm to 280mm, installing is not only a fast and convenient option, but looks great as well.

We also stock Nuline cladding (BGC) and most JH Cladding (Axon, Linea, Primeline, Hardieplank, Stria, Hardie Tex).

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Close of up of new built home using timber cladding | Featured Image for the Exterior Timber Cladding Page of Versace Timbers.
Weathertex cladding | Featured Image for the Exterior Timber Cladding Page of Versace Timbers.

At Versace Timbers, we stock a wide range of Weathertex exterior timber cladding to suit all your project specifications. Weathertex is an Australian owned and operated cladding manufacturer that offers a better-than-zero carbon footprint, with this great product perfectly complementing any structure and design. The best thing about this exterior wood cladding is that it’s guaranteed not to split, crack, or even rot for up to 25 years, providing our customers with a long lasting and completely durable choice of cladding.

Abodo’s Vulcan Exterior Timber Cladding is high-quality weatherboard crafted from FSC® certified timber sourced from New Zealand plantations. The wood undergoes thermal modification, enhancing its beauty and durability. Vulcan exterior wood cladding is ideal for creating unique architectural aesthetics and applications and is available in various coatings, finishes, and profiles. The patented manufacturing process ensures an engineered vertical grain orientation, minimizing cracking and promoting stable long-term performance.

Abodo Britton Timbers | Featured Image for the Exterior Timber Cladding Page of Versace Timbers.

Cladding Calculator

Plan ahead with our cladding calulator. Always remember to include the right amount of wastage. 

Area Length (m)
Area Width (m)

Cover of Board (mm)
Wastage Factor (%)


Sizing Availability

Front of a timber clad home with timber deck | Featured image for timber supplies Brisbane home page.

Available In

79 x 19 Mixed Hardwood
122 x 19 Mixed Hardwood
90 x 19 H3 Losp Pine
138 x 18 H3 Losp Pine

158 x 19 H3 Losp Pine
185 x 18 H3 Losp Pine

Lengths (mtrs)

Random length packs
Random length packs
5.4 mtr lengths
5.4 mtr lengths
5.4 mtr lengths
5.4 mtr lengths

Timber weatherboard cladding dark grain | Featured image for timber cladding suppliers.

Available In

170 x 25 Hardwood ACQ H4
170 x 22 x 6 Pine LOSP H3 FJ Primed
170 x 22 x 6 Pine Tight Knot H3 LOSP

Lengths (mtrs)

Random length packs
5.4 mtr lengths

Random length packs

White timber clad home photo taken from road | Featured image for Gallery.

Available In

180 x 25 Primed Losp Pine
230 x 30 Primed Losp Pine
280 x 30 Primed Losp Pine

Lengths (mtrs)

4.8, 6.0, 7.2
4.8, 6.0, 7.2

Visit Versace Timbers at our timber yard for all your timber and building needs. We have pre-stocked speciality timbers for any project and cater to orders of all sizes. Get in touch or call (07) 3266 9000 to speak to our friendly team to place an order for your next project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Timber weatherboard, also referred to as siding or timber cladding is an external layer used in construction to improve thermal insulation, weather resistance and cosmetic appearance of buildings.

We stock only the best in exterior timber cladding Brisbane wide. From treated Losp Pine to a selection of hardwoods in widths from 170 to 175mm and lengths up to 5400mm (5.4m). If you need help choosing the right kind of exterior timber cladding, call us on (07) 3266 9000, e-mail [email protected] or get in touch online and our experts will help you.

Types of external wood cladding are categorised by the material from which they are made. These materials in construction applications may include timber, aluminium, or various cement blends.

Timber cladding is lightweight and easy to install, but its benefits are not limited to just how practical it is. Timber and consequently wood cladding is naturally beautiful, elegant and stylish, not to mention environmentally conscious and sustainable. Come and visit our Virgina timber yard at 33 Vauxhall Road, Brisbane to view our range of timber cladding.

Depending on quality, exterior timber cladding can be expected to last over 25 years in the ground, and more than 40 years (sometimes up to 60) above ground. Naturally, the higher the timber cladding quality, the longer it will last. If you are currently deciding, need purchasing advice or would like help selecting the best internal and external timber cladding for your needs call us on (07) 3266 9000, e-mail [email protected] or get in touch online now.

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