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Whether you’re building a modern home and incorporating cladding, or you’re considering renovations and need to replace materials, our Weathertex external cladding is the best choice for something long lasting, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing. Offered in a wide variety of sizes to suit your project specifications, these timber claddings perfectly complement any structure and design. Since the late 1930s, Weathertex cladding has been the preferred product when it comes to building, architecture and design and at Versace Timbers, we have more than 60 years of experience providing such a quality material.

Versace Timbers are leading Weathertex suppliers across the greater Brisbane region, ensuring we’re also offering our customers the most high-quality cladding solutions for their homes and businesses. Browse our range of external timber cladding today today and buy Weathertex cladding at Versace Timbers today!

What is Weathertex?

Weathertex is an Australian-owned and manufactured cladding product that offers a better-than-zero carbon footprint, making it the preferred external cladding option for so many within the building and design sector. Weathertex cladding is also an exceptional choice for Australian homes as it’s been specially designed in line with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance requirements.

Weathertex external cladding is designed specifically in Australia with PEFC certified state forest or private hardwood under permit from BPA, eradicating the use or need for any glues or chemical additives – making it safe, and eliminating the risk of pollution. The best thing about this external cladding is that it’s guaranteed not to split, crack, or even rot for up to 25 years, providing our customers with a long lasting and completely durable choice of cladding.

Types of Weathertex Products

Architectural Panels

Weathertex provides the largest selection of architectural external cladding across Australia, offering a wide range of options for homes and other structures that require durable and long lasting panels. Although these Weathertex products are lightweight, they’ve been manufactured to withstand Australia’s harsh climates, without warping or discolouring whether it’s summer, winter, rain, hail, or sunshine.


These external cladding solutions are completely seamless and unique, providing an easy-to-install system for anyone that engages in a project involving Weathertex. As your local Weathertex Suppliers, we carry an extensive selection of styles and finishes and are confident you’ll find the right style and colour of cladding to suit your project and design.  

Classic Shingles Plus

Weathertex’ new range of Shingles Plus cladding is offered in both a smooth and natural texture, giving customers more choice when it comes to the style and finish of cladding for their homes. The best part? They’re a completely environmentally friendly and versatile. If you’re wanting a limitless option of external cladding and design application, the Classic Shingles Plus cladding is a perfect choice. 


These natural boards are one-of-a-kind Weathertex products boasting an organic appearance with the characteristics of raw, unprocessed, and undressed timber. Because this cladding is so durable, it can be left on the exterior of your structure to weather, or you can stain it and be left with a range colours and styles to choose from.


Not only do we provide a stunning range of Weathertex cladding, but as your local Weathertex suppliers, we also provide a variety of accessories to make the installation and assembly of these panels seamless and easy. From aluminium to PVC accessories, we have what you need in stock at Versace Timbers. Can’t find something? Give us a call!

Benefits of Weathertex Exterior Cladding

As you’ve learned, the Weathertex cladding we have on offer is durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly and a cost-effective solution for the building, architecture, and design industries. After being in the timber industry for over 60 years, we know exactly what builders and homeowners are looking for – and we do what we can to ensure we’re providing the perfect materials and accessories for peace of mind. In a nutshell, Weathertex benefits include:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Saves you more money

Buy Weathertex with Versace Timbers Today!

Browse our range of Weathertex cladding on our website today and make a purchase to experience quality cladding at great prices. Looking for more? We stock timber supplies Brisbane builders and homeowners rely on for an array of different projects, offering you peace of mind when you purchase. For more information and general queries on our stock, give us a call on 07 3266 9000 or get in touch online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weathertex external cladding has been manufactured to withstand Australia’s harsh and everchanging climate, making it a durable yet aesthetic cladding solution. Weathertex will not rot, crack, or split and has been created to last 25 years.

The Weathertex range of weatherboards need to be painted within 60 days of being fixed to a surface. Before fixing and painting, the surfaces need to be free from dirt, dust, grime and any grease to ensure a seamless and long-lasting job. For any stubborn stains, it is okay to use mineral turpentine (gently) to clean the grime.

Weathertex panels can be stained and sealed the same way you would with hardwood timbers. We recommend letting the cladding weather for 4-6 weeks before taking to them with your staining. Wash them first with a specialised deck cleaner to ensure a beautiful finish.

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