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Photo of pressured treated wood | Featured image for Types of Pressure Treated Wood blog from Versace Timbers.

Types of Pressure Treated Wood

One of the most common uses of pressure treated wood is for railroad ties. The pressure treatment that railroad ties undergo allows them to take the kind of abuse that comes from supplying support for massive trains year after year, all while being exposed to various harsh environments. What is it that gives railroad ties

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Photo of wood boards | Featured image for Ironbark Wood Spotlight blog.

Ironbark Wood Spotlight

Ironbark hardwood is a premium and native Australian hardwood that has been well regarded for over 200 years. Not only is it commonly used within the building and construction industries, but it is also widely used within the Indigenous community for creating spear throwers and boiling the bark to produce a treatment for sores and

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Timber yard | Featured image for How to Store Wood Outside blog from Versace Timbers

How to Store Wood Outside

Been working with hardwood? If you bought a lot, completed your project, and you have wood leftover, how are you going to store it? Ideally you would put it in your woodshed. But let’s face it, not all of us are fortunate enough to have a woodshed, let alone any dedicated indoors space to store

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Modern kitchen with timber floor boards | Featured image for the blog Engineered Timber Flooring Pros and Cons from Versace Timbers.

Engineered Timber Flooring Pros and Cons

There’s nothing quite like hardwood floors. The way that it looks and the way that it feels under your feet is difficult to beat. But there is another option when it comes to quality wood flooring – Engineered Timber Flooring. Read on to learn more about this kind of wood flooring, and its advantages and

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Woodworking tools | Featured image for the blog Easy Woodworking Projects to Get Started from Versace Timbers.

Easy Woodworking Projects

Woodworking is a fun and rewarding hobby. There is nothing more satisfying than creating something with your bare hands. If you want to get into in woodworking the best way to get started is with some easy woodworking projects. We’ve put together this article to let you know what materials you are going to need

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Deck builder working on a deck | Featured image for the blog Best Wood for Outdoors from Versace Timbers.

Best Wood for Outdoors

When it comes to wood projects, there are an abundance of wood species on the market for you to choose between. However, depending on the project, it’s important to know which variety of wood is suitable for what you’re building. Being outside means they’ll be battling against the elements on a regular basis, meaning it’s

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Photo of wooden joints | Featured image for Common Woodworking Joints blog.

Common Woodworking Joints

A majority of woodworking projects require pieces of wood to be joined together somehow, and while glue and other adhesives are a fixing solution, most workpieces are better connected by a woodworking specific joint. There are quite a few common woodworking joints that you can invest in learning to add to your woodworking repertoire, and

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Photo of a person sanding an end of a board | Featured image for Understanding Sandpaper Grit blog.

Understanding Sandpaper Grit

Sandpaper is known to be an exceptionally useful tool that has been around for centuries. This handy tool can make all the difference in a project and can easily be done by hand or with power tools, depending on the finish you’re after. However, this is where it can get a little bit confusing, especially

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Banner Image | Featured image for Building a Wood Deck Blog

The Benefits of Building a Wood Deck

Building a wood deck, whether it’s at the front of your property, or in the backyard, provides a number of benefits for your home and your lifestyle. Not only does it open doors for entertainment and relaxation, but it also brings family and friends together in the great outdoors and gives your home some added

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James Hardie Scyon Stria Cladding | Featured image for Brushbox Wood Spotlight blog

Brushbox Wood Spotlight

Brushbox Wood is a large to medium sized Australian hardwood, known for its incredibly attractive timber that offer a wide variety of uses such as internal staircasing, cladding and so much more. This prestigious wood has been widely sought after, simply for its unique properties and qualities; this wood offers a rich colour of brown

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White timber clad home | Featured image for Which Types of Insulation is Best for Your Home?

Which Types of Insulation is Best for Your Home?

Adding insulation to your home not only helps to keep it warmer in winter but can also help you save up to 15% on your energy bill. However, when it comes to choosing the right kind of insulation, many homeowners are left wondering which material is best. In today’s blog, we look at types of

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Image of carpenter using woodworking tools | Featured image for Our Guide to Must Have Wood Working Tools | Blog.

Our Guide to Must Have Wood Working Tools

Whether you’re a specialised craftsmen or you’ve only picked up the woodworking tools a couple of times, it’s essential to know the woodworking must haves. Understanding the world of woodworking tools can be confusing and even overwhelming, and if you’re not sure what to purchase, you could wind up spending thousands of dollars on equipment

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Image of Cypress Wood | Featured image for cypress wood spotlight blog.

Cypress Wood Spotlight

While Cypress wood is technically a softwood by structural properties, it is widely accepted for use as a ‘hardwood’ flooring timber. Australian Cypress wood is a common growing softwood that is decay and termite resistant, extremely durable with no prior treatment process required and is a beautiful décor piece with its light-coloured appearance. Found in

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Tradie painting wood | Featured image for Types of Wood Defects to Look for When Building | Blog.

Types of Wood Defects to Look for When Building

Timber is one of the best building materials available, offering unrivalled natural beauty and versatility. But because it’s a raw material, it can be susceptible to vulnerability, both before and after it reaches a mill. This includes natural forces, such as volatile weather conditions and insects to improper storage and seasoning after it’s been cut

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Wood painting Image | Featured image for Types of Wood Defects to Look for When Building | Blog.

Types of Wood Stains: A Guide to Wood Stain Colours

If you’ve just installed a new deck or have bought a home with an existing one, you may be wondering what types of wood stains make the best timber match. In today’s article, we thought we’d take a look at the most common wood stains and the suitable applications for each one. Types of wood

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