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Making a Treehouse: Which Timber is Best?

It’s the ultimate play space. The one we all wanted as kids to spend all of our days in with our friends. The adventures a treehouse can offer are limited only by the imagination of the child. While the Australian Government has several regulations and recommendations for making a treehouse, several basic structural necessities will

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Modern living room with wooden floor | Featured image for Different Types of Flooring

Different Types of Flooring – What is Best?

If you’re looking to change your flooring or are in the process of building a new home, there are a lot of different flooring options available. But depending on the room you’re updating; some flooring options are more suitable than others. You’ll want to factor in moisture content, foot traffic and whether you have the

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How to Restore a Deck

A decking restoration project doesn’t always have to be an ongoing project. They can be as simple as a new oiling deck finish or some new wooden accents like railings or benches. A deck restoration can be started with proper planning and preparation and finished in as little as a weekend. Continue reading to see

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Creating An Eco Friendly Home With Sustainable Timber

An eco friendly home and environmentally friendly materials are factors that need to be considered in a move toward a climate-neutral society. Using materials that have a low environmental impact to make an environmentally friendly house is a good step towards sustainability and can even results in cheaper utility bills too. Concrete and steel have

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5 Must Haves for Your Outside Entertainment Area

Outside entertainment areas are quickly becoming popular in Australian homes, as more and more families make the most of the gorgeous Queensland weather. If you’re planning on creating your very own backyard entertainment area, we have a few ideas that can help you create the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. Read on for our 5 must haves

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Image of wood | Featured image for Blackbutt wood spotlight.

Blackbutt Wood Spotlight

What is Blackbutt wood? Blackbutt wood is a strong and durable hardwood that’s popular for external applications and decking. Hailing from South East Queensland but also commonly found throughout New South Wales, Blackbutt wood is one of the most frequently used timbers in Australia – in fact, Parliament house in Canberra uses it as timber

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Image of Wood | Featured image for building a wood retaining wall blog.

Benefits of Building a Wood Retaining Wall

Though it’s conventionally used to retain soil and rocks, a retaining wall is also a wonderful way to add some instant personality to your property. The most common materials used for retaining walls tend to be timber, concrete, clay, and stone, all of which have several benefits. At Versace Timbers, we regularly have people enquiring

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laminate timber

What is Laminated Timber

Laminated timber is fast becoming a favourite material for construction projects, as it offers both aesthetic appeal and high structural capacity, as well as numerous benefits for the environment. This sustainable product is perfect for creating the foundation of a home, such as framing and beams, and is quickly gaining traction in commercial projects for

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Outdoor deck close up image of timber decking boards | Featured image for Hardware supplies Brisbane landing page.

The Sustainable Timber Choice

People have relied on timber for construction for thousands of years, but there’s now a growing concern of deforestation and the harmful effects it has on the environment. But considering how much energy and carbon is used creating steel, aluminium, and concrete, it’s hard finding a balance ethically producing mass building materials. Luckily, there is

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Hardware and tools | Featured image for hardware supplies Brisbane landing page.

Woodworking Safety Tips

The moment you step into a woodworking workshop one can’t help but notice the sensory experience that ensues, the distinctly unique scents of different woods, the different sounds of woodworking machinery, the touch of that perfectly sanded tabletop; There’s something truly satisfying about turning a few boards of timber into a handcrafted showpiece. Without a

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Timber boards air drying in stacks | Featured image for timber supplies Brisbane home page.

Timber Seasoning & Moisture Content of Timber

Timber seasoning is the process of removing moisture from timber to prevent it from warping or splitting when it’s used in construction. Typically, wood from a freshly cut tree contains 50% of moisture, which then begins to rapidly absorb once the wood is taken away from its source of nutrients. This can be unpredictable given

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Greyscale image of timber fence | Featured image for timber fencing supplies Brisbane landing page.

Building a Timber Fence – Do’s and Don’t’s

Looking at building a timber fence but unsure where to start? In this quick guide, we take a look at some of the Dos and Don’ts of timber fence construction. Do – Know what you want it for Are you looking for complete privacy? A safe yard for the kids? Or maybe you need a

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Modern kitchen with timber floor boards | Featured image for timber supplies Brisbane home page.

Spotted Gum Wood Spotlight

Spotted Gum wood is a popular choice for decking, as it’s a tough, durable wood with excellent termite resistance. The warm, rich vibrance of the wood and wide array of colour options makes it an attractive option for virtually any style of décor. What is Spotted Gum? Spotted Gum is a eucalyptus tree that can

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Outdoor deck and lounge setting | Featured image for Hardware supplies Brisbane landing page.

Deck Building Mistakes to Avoid

A deck is a beautiful addition to your home, as it offers a place for family and guests to congregate and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. However, building a deck isn’t always the simplest task, as there are quite a few things that can go wrong if care and consideration aren’t taken. Aside from meeting from

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White picket timber fence and white timber clad home | Featured image for timber supplies Brisbane home page.

Best Timber for Fencing

Timber is always a fantastic choice for fencing, if not for its timeless charm but for its durability. But with all the timber options on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are best for fencing, and what types should be avoided. To help you, we’ve added some of what we think

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