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Native Australian Timbers & Their Uses

The Australian forestry and building industries continue to thrive and there’s certainly no shortage of exquisite hardwoods and versatile softwoods when it comes to native Australian timbers. Often overlooked in favour of imported timbers, using Australian wood for building and woodworking projects comes with a host of benefits including sustainable forestry management, a local supply

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Merbau Wood Spotlight

Merbau wood a popular hardwood that grows in wide distribution as far as East Africa, Southeast Asia and Northern Queensland. Also known as Kwila it has become synonymous in Australian homes as outdoor furniture, decks and patios. If you’re looking for a durable hardwood for your woodworking, decking, or construction projects, Merbau or Kwila could

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Softwood vs Hardwood – The Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood

Contrary to popular belief, softwood vs hardwood isn’t distinguishable by varying degrees of wood hardness. Rather, the names are derived from the way the wood is produced and the botanical structure of the timber. However, hardwood timber is generally harder than softwood due to its higher density, though there are some exceptions. Below is a

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Best Deck Timber

Given the amount of wood options available, sourcing the best deck timber can seem like an overwhelming choice. Ideally, you want something that not only looks fantastic but is also made to last. At Versace Timber, we believe the best option for outdoor decking and furniture is hardwood timber flooring, as it’s far more durable

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Timber Durability and Grades of Pressure Treated Wood

Interested in building an outdoor patio, a timber retaining wall that will stand the test of time, or some durable hardwoods for a furniture piece your crafting but aren’t sure what timber will work best for your project? When choosing the right wood for your project, it’s best to choose from timber that is fit

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Benefits of Prefab Framing

Building a home is both an exciting and arduous exercise. On one hand, you can turn the vision of the home you’ve always wanted into reality, on the other; ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout your build requires careful planning. The average home build in Australia falls at around four to twelve months and there is

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