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Our Guide to Must Have Wood Working Tools

Whether you’re a specialised craftsmen or you’ve only picked up the woodworking tools a couple of times, it’s essential to know the woodworking must haves. Understanding the world of woodworking tools can be confusing and even overwhelming, and if you’re not sure what to purchase, you could wind up spending thousands of dollars on equipment that you don’t know too much about, or how to really operate.

If you’re starting out in the world of woodworking, there are basic tools that you should add to your tool rack to begin with. It’s beneficial to do as much research as you can before spending any money, so that you’re confident in the materials and equipment you’re investing in. The must have wood working tools to start out with should allow you to cut, finish, assemble, measure, and even hold wooden elements together while creating your next masterpiece.

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Woodworking Must Haves

Common Woodworking Tools

Marking Gauge

A marking gauge is probably one of the most important woodworking must haves and is a staple for all craftsmen whether they’re professional or simply on-and-off creatives. These simple tools are easy to use, extremely helpful, and versatile for your projects. You will find yourself needing one of these for tasks such as measuring, general marking, tenon joints, dovetails, and an abundance of other functions.


There are a number of saws on the market that will come in handy for your woodworking projects. Such as a handsaw, jigsaw, bandsaw, and circular saw to name a few. At Versace Timbers, we offer a range of saws for your woodworking tasks and can even assist with determining which saw is going to benefit you more now and into the future of your crafting. Each saw serves a similar but different purpose, so it’s best to know which saw you need, and which saw could also benefit a multitude of projects.

Orbital Sander & Planes

Every craftsman needs a sander or smoothing tool for their work. When it comes to a must have guide, all the planing for the job can be done with one tool, a smoothing plane. Learning to use this tool can even cut down on sanding time, which is a known frustration within the woodworking industry. An orbital sander is also a great tool for beginners, as it uses an orbit-sanding technique which is widely used within the building industry.

Hammer, Power Drill & Screw Gun

These tools are ones that you’ll use more often than not. They’re staples, extremely common, and you’ll find yourself needing one part of your collection pretty early on. A hammer or a mallet is one of the first pieces of equipment you’ll need to invest in for your collection, with the power drill and screw gun coming in at a close second.

A power drill is needed for a majority of projects, from putting furniture together, and drilling holes, to tasks such as mixing paint, they can be used for a variety of tasks. A screw gun is a great investment aside from your generic handheld screw drivers, especially when you come across tasks that require the disassembling or assembling of multiple screws.

Squares, Tape Measure & Clamps

The list of must have wood working tools could go on and on, and there are many basic tools that you could add to your collection in the beginning, but you only need a few of the staples to help get you started, and, as time goes on, you can invest in equipment that will help you get your tasks done quicker and more efficiently.

When it comes to measuring, holding, and verifying angles, there are a few assortments of materials that you can purchase and continue to use on a reoccurring basis. Squares will help you with your angles, which you’ll need to pay attention to at all times, a tape measure will verify your L x W x H/D, and clamps can hold your timber together while you work to transform your projects.

Do You Need Woodworking Supplies?

At Versace Timbers, we stock a wide variety of handheld tools and power tools that are perfect for your woodworking collections. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a master craftsman, we have something available that’s going to benefit the future of any woodworking task. With a passion for creativity and timber, our team can assist you with all of your timber and hardware needs, so that you can feel confident in your tools and projects.

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