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Versace Timbers are leading timber moulding suppliers offering a range of stunning and quality manufactured timber mouldings that add a touch of elegance and style to your home. From classic contemporary interiors to something a little more industrial, our mouldings are the perfect accompaniment for elevating the look, feel, and atmosphere of any space. From decorative mouldings such as architraves and skirting boards, to wall trimmings and more, we offer a variety of alternatives for your home that can be customised to suit your interior the way you want. We do our best to stock only the very best when it comes to mouldings, bringing our customers peace of mind and total confidence when purchasing from our stunning and flexible range of wood mouldings. No matter the size or length, we’ll provide it for you.

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Types of Wood Mouldings

Ezitrim Plus External Angle

Manufactured using sustainable plantation grown Radiata Pine, the Ezitrim External Angle has been designed to use as a fingerjointed/laminated timber pine mouldings. This external angle moulding also offers a superior finish, boasting the same exceptional quality that you will find among all of the Ezitrim products.

Ezitrim Plus Bevel

Our Plus Bevel Ezitrim products are able to be easily worked, cut, and drilled according to your specifications. Not only that, but they are delivered ready for a topcoat and pre-primed so that you can paint or stain them to your liking. These hardwood mouldings are a durable solution for your architraves and trimmings, offering a stable yet light option for your interior. Find the Ezitrim Plus Bevel on our website today!

Close Up Image of a Timber Floor Skirt | Supplementary image for Timber Mouldings at Versace Timbers.
Internal Hallway with Ezitrim Mouldings | Supplementary image for Timber Mouldings at Versace Timbers.

Image courtesy of Ezitrim.com.au.

Ezitrim Plus Pencil Round

The Pencil Round moulding works within any and all interiors, providing a great look and stunning finish for skirtings, architraves, reveals, shelving, and even furniture. Sustainability is at the forefront of our pine mouldings, aiming to create a better environment and giving our customers the opportunity to make a change within their homes and designs as well. With a wide range of profiles and dimensions, these mouldings will do the trick.

Ezitrim Plus Colonial

Ezitrim Plus Colonial are perfect for every and all rooms within a home, offering a simple and sleek appeal. Whether you’re a homeowner, a designer or a builder, our products are easy to work with and hassle free to install. All of our Ezitrim products come defect free and offer complete durability, making them an exceptional investment for elevating the look of an interior space. Also offered in an array of sizes, we’re confident you’ll find the right Plus Colonial product for your project.

*Other mouldings available: D Mould 30x7, Belt Rail 92x19, Dummy Sill 42x42

The Versace Timbers Difference

With over 60 years of experience in the timber industry, Versace Timbers are here to assist with your timber mouldings purchase, finding the right choice for your home or project and ensuring the process is seamless and cost effective. We know how important the interior of your home is, which is why customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our company and operations.

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If you’re looking for an extensive range of timber mouldings Brisbane homeowners invest in for their homes, browse our hardwood mouldings and pine mouldings range on Versace Timbers today or give us a call on 07 3266 9000 to discuss further options. We have a quality selection of Ezitrim options available for our customers along with timber supplies Brisbane, so make your purchase now. For more information or for general queries, reach out to our team through our online form!

Frequently Asked Questions

Skirting boards are designed to be fitted around the perimeter of any room. If you look at the floor or the edge of a wall, you may notice the white (or coloured) edging – that is what we refer to as skirting. Architraves, though, are very similar to skirting boards but offer a much thinner finish and are fitted more so around doors.

Timber and wood mouldings are generally used to finish off a space where two materials meet such as the bottom of a wall and the edge of a floor. As much as the aesthetic finish of mouldings add an architectural element to a home, it simply elevates a space and makes it come across more ‘complete’.

Trimmings are a general term used to refer to all sorts of moulding throughout a home such as window and door casing, baseboards, architraves etc, however, moulding is more so a broader classification of the timber work that is used for decoration and less as a structural detail. These words are able to be used interchangeably as they more often than not refer to the same thing.

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