Timber Weatherboard Cladding

Timber weatherboard cladding has become a prominent building material in the last decade, as more people have become aware of not only aesthetic qualities but also the ease of installation.

Weatherboards, alternatively known as chamferboard, offer significant curb appeal and need little maintenance, giving your home a unique look and feel without spending a fortune. At Versace Timbers, we offer hardwood weatherboards and pine weatherboards, which offer beauty and durability all rolled into one.

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Timber Weatherboard Solutions

Pine Weatherboards

Pine weatherboards are a popular choice for Queenslanders, as they’re termite resistant and are durable against various weather conditions. Our LOSP pine weatherboards (Light organic solvent preservative) are fused with preservatives to ensure the timber lasts for decades. These preservatives contain special waxes and resins, which keeps the timber moist, strong and rot resistant.

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Hardwood Weatherboards

Hardwood weatherboards are one of the strongest weatherboards available, as they’re made with reconstituted hardwood. They’re typically used to protect a home against the elements, whilst giving an attractive appearance. Comprised of long, rectangular timber planks, hardwood weatherboards suit numerous styles of homes, including Hamptons, traditional, modern, cabin and farmhouse.

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Benefits of Timber Weatherboard Cladding

Environmentally friendly

If there’s one thing anyone can’t deny, is that timber weatherboard cladding is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials. If you’re looking to increase the curb appeal of your home, installing timber cladding is a sure-fire way to make a fantastic first impression.

It's eco friendly

Timber weatherboard cladding is one of the most economical building materials available, as it’s created from renewable resources. It also produces fewer greenhouse gases, uses less water and energy to manufacture and can even be recycled should you choose to replace it.

It's a good insulator

Our pine and hardwood weatherboards are natural insulators as each has air pockets in the cell walls. This insulating effect will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, resulting in less need for air cooling systems – which is great for the energy bill and the environment.

Easy to install

Installing timber weatherboard cladding is incredibly easy, and a lot faster than other building materials. This includes installing weatherboard over curved walls, as they can bend to shape. Timber weatherboards are also very low maintenance, with a simple wipe with a damp cloth all that’s needed.

Wide range of choices

Timber weatherboard cladding comes in a wide range of colours, textures, timber types and designs, and be repainted to another colour if you’d like to change the style of your home’s façade. See the choice for yourself by checking out weatherboards Brisbane wide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Timber weatherboard cladding also commonly known as chamferboard, wood cladding, clapboard, shiplap, bevel siding and lap siding are timber boards that are layered on the exterior of a home or structure. Typically, they are hung either vertically or horizontally and are specially grooved to keep out the elements.

There are several key benefits of using timber weatherboard cladding including increasing your home’s curb appeal with a natural and aesthetic look, protecting the internal structure of your home against the elements, improving your home’s insulative properties and best of all chamferboard cladding is also a sustainable and cost-effective building material.

When regularly maintained timber weatherboard cladding is often considered a durable external option. In fact, weatherboard cladding has been in use on Australian homes since the 1850s being featured on Federation homes, Queenslanders, Californian bungalows and more throughout Brisbane and Australia.  

While there are several factors that determine which type of fascia cladding is best, in general you should use timber that is resistant to rot and decay. Treated LOSP pine and hardwoods have become very popular choices utilised across Australia.

At your local weatherboard suppliers, Versace Timbers stocks a wide range of timber weatherboard cladding well suited to a range of different project budgets and design specifications. Our two best-selling timber weatherboards are Pine Weatherboards and our Hardwood Weatherboards. Both unrivalled in their beauty, they make the perfect addition to various home styles including Queenslanders, bungalows, country, and contemporary homes. If you are currently deciding to buy weatherboard, need purchasing advice or would like help selecting the best cladding for your needs call us on (07) 3266 9000, e-mail [email protected] or get in touch online now.

Yes! Installing weatherboard is not a complicated task if you consider yourself DIY-handy. Weatherboard should be secured by driving a nail as close as possible to the edge of the board without penetrating the top (or head) of the chamferboard. Ideally you should observe a minimum recommended lap of 21mm. 

While there are differences in the different types of weatherboard, as a general rule of thumb timber weatherboard cladding should be between 16mm and 25mm thick.

To prolong the life of your chamferboard, it is recommended to only use treated timbers or hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay. It is also important to ensure your weatherboard is well maintained and ideally painted or sealed every 10-15 years as required to keep it looking its best. As timber expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature this can cause paint to chip and crack over time.

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