Q-Pro Concrete Sleepers .

Q-Pro Concrete Sleepers

Versace Timbers are proud to offer the premium range of Q-Pro concrete sleepers, providing our customers with a choice of stylish yet durable sleepers to elevate the look and feel of their properties. These beautiful sleepers have been manufactured in Brendale to the highest standard, using locally sourced and raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure a stunning finish.

These beautiful Q-Pro sleepers are manufactured by Q-Pro in house, with each sleeper individually poured to ensure optimal care and love is going into the product at all times. For retaining walls, garden beds, and other landscaping design ideas, these sleepers are a cost-effective and leading choice.

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Why Purchase Q-Pro Concrete Sleepers

The range of sleepers from Q-Pro have all been designed and manufactured locally, with sourced materials from Australia to ensure they can withstand our harsh weather.  Not only do they boast complete durability and optimal strength for the outside, but they come in a gorgeous and natural range of textures. From a variety of timber finishes, offering a sense of warmth among your landscaping desig to stone finishes for something minimal and simple. At Versace Timbers, we take pride in being able to offer an exclusive range of Q-Pro sleepers for our customers, ensuring they have optimal design control when it comes to their landscapes.

Q-Pro Concrete Sleepers

Premium Sealed Range

The premium range of Q-Pro sleepers are specially designed to complement all landscaping design projects, sealed and finished with a beautiful gloss and reinforced with 2 x Reo bars for added strength and durability. If you’re wanting a long lasting sleeper for your property, the premium sealed range is where you’ll find it.

Classic Range

Offered in a variety of finishes, the Classic Range of Q-Pro sleepers bring a natural element to any landscaping project. Stocked in stone and timber façades, this selection of sleepers provides a stunning and complementary touch to any property or design. These sleepers are reinforced with 2 x Reo bars, creating a durable and strong finish and ensuring they are long lasting.


At Versace Timbers, we also offer Q-Pro concrete sleepers posts, coming in 100mm and 150mm. These posts are galvanised steel and are the perfect fit for any landscape or build, complementing retaining walls of any kind. All of our Q-Pro beams are hot dipped galvanised to increase and withhold their durability, along with pre-drilled holes for simple installation with fence brackets courtesy of Q-Pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete sleepers are the preferred choice for building retaining walls within residential properties. We believe that retaining walls don’t have to look like your generic besser bricks, which is why we choose to offer beautiful sleepers to elevate our customers properties.

The Q-Pro sleepers are manufactured in house at Q-Pro, from the first stages of the batching process to individually filling each of the concrete sleeper moulds ensuring the sleepers are created with optimal care.

Concrete sleepers by Q-Pro are manufactured in Brendale using locally sourced materials, ensuring they last against Australia’s everchanging and harsh client, proving their strength and durability. These sleepers are backed by a 30-year design life, with Q-Pro aiming to provide complete confidence in their products and their wear.

Q-Pro is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge and stunning concrete sleepers, changing the way homeowners, builders, and landscape designers create and install retaining walls and garden beds. With a focus on being locally sourced and created with care, Q-Pro sleepers are known for their beautiful finishes, long lasting design and reinforced Reo bars for optimal stability.

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