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Ironbark Wood Spotlight

Ironbark hardwood is a premium and native Australian hardwood that has been well regarded for over 200 years. Not only is it commonly used within the building and construction industries, but it is also widely used within the Indigenous community for creating spear throwers and boiling the bark to produce a treatment for sores and injuries. Due to its strength and durability, as well as its resistance to lyctid borers and termites, Ironbark is widely used for structural builds, decorative furniture, and industrial projects.

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Ironbark Wood Characteristics

Common Name/s

Grey Ironbark, Red Ironbark, White Ironbark

Scientific Name

Eucalyptus Paniculata (Grey)

Eucalyptus Sideroxylon (Red)

Species Type

Native Hardwood


New South Wales




The colours can vary considerably, from dark red to dark brown, pale brown, and most commonly; red.

Grain / Texture

The grain of Ironbark creates beautiful patterns because of the fine texture and interlocking grain nature.

Rot Resistance

Ironbark has a very high and natural resistance to rotting


Seasoned: 1106kg/m3

Unseasoned: 1170kg/m3

Stress Grade

Seasoned: F22, F27, F34

Unseasoned: F14, F17, F22, F27


Ironbark hardwood has a durability rating of Class 1 for above and below ground


Due to the density and weight of Ironbark, it may take a few days for the wood to dry after seasoning.


Ironbark can be difficult to work with due to its weight but provides great results for a project. Because it is heavy, it is hard to hold the wood in place and difficult to nail and to plane. This wood is used for very specific projects.


Very heavy and hard to nail

Takes days for oiling, seasoning, and treating to dry


Can be treated, but drying will take an extended amount of time

Common Uses

Residential: Solid flooring, timber decking, timber handrails, outdoor timber framing

Industrial: Ship building, wharf or bridge construction, railway sleepers, piles, and poles

Ironbark Hardwood at Versace Timbers

At Versace Timbers, we specialise in structural and hardwood timber supplies, offering a wide range of hardwood timber from floor to decking boards, structural and rough sawn hardwood that is sustainable for a range of applications. We assure all of our customers that the Ironbark stocked at Versace Timbers is sustainably sourced form certified suppliers, providing optimal confidence in the product they are purchasing.

Our hardwood is all treated and available in a range of lengths and sizes, with a minimum stress grade of F14. If you can’t find the length that you’re needing, let us know and we will do our best to source the specific size of Ironbark you’re after!

Ironbark Hardwood Flooring

Ironbark wood is typically used for decorative and structural projects. When it comes to flooring and decking, it is an exceptionally durable timber that provides longevity and strength for years. One of the best ways to utilise Ironbark is for solid flooring – although the texture is generally course, adding a gloss finish to this timber will remove the course surface and give the wood’s colour an enhanced look.

Ironbark Industrial Projects

When it comes to industrial projects, Ironbark is used for a number of major construction designs. Because of it’s weight and strength, Ironbark is used for:

  • Wharf construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Structural builds
  • Heavy engineering
  • Ship building
  • Mining timbers
  • Railway sleepers
  • And so much more

If you’re planning to use Ironbark for any sort of project, it’s important to ensure you have a considerable amount of help given the density and weight of the timber. Do not try to shift, lift, or transport this timber on your own, by having assistance, you are preventing potential risk of injury.

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