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Best Wood for Outdoors

When it comes to wood projects, there are an abundance of wood species on the market for you to choose between. However, depending on the project, it’s important to know which variety of wood is suitable for what you’re building. Being outside means they’ll be battling against the elements on a regular basis, meaning it’s imperative to ensure that you’re using a type of wood that can uphold itself through the changes of weather and general threats that nature poses.

In this blog, we’ll be listing off some of the best wood for outdoors, giving you the inside of which species is better catered towards your desired project and durability. Whether you’re wanting to install a deck or simply build some outdoor furniture, there are many things to keep in mind during the process.

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Best Wood for Outdoor Projects

Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture


Acacia wood is known for having a very unique texture and is an extremely resistant wood to water and decay, making it perfect for outdoor projects such as furniture. Acacia is also the most commonly used and best wood for outdoor furniture, though given it’s resistance to drastic changes in the weather, it’s important to use a protective coating to maximise its durability and longevity.

Longevity: 20+ years if properly cared for

Black Locust

Black Locust wood is known for being one of the strongest and stiffest domestic woods on the market and for having a high level of resistance to insects and rot, which makes it very good for exterior use. This specific species of wood is exceptional when it comes to building furniture, but is also widely used for constructing decks, pergolas and even gazebos.

Longevity: 15-20 years if properly cared for

Best Wood for Outdoor Deck


Redwood is a popular choice for outdoor projects thanks to its natural insect and moisture resistance. Redwood is extremely easy to work with, saving you plenty of time on construction – not only that, but it’s an affordable wood, making it a great solution for those who are working on outdoor decking on a budget.

Longevity: 30 years if properly cared for

Treated Pine

Treated pine wood is a natural and renewable resource that has been used for thousands of years to build homes, furniture, and other structures. One of the most popular types of wood for outdoor use is treated pine because it does not require extensive maintenance and lasts long under adverse weather conditions. If you’re on the hunt for the best wood for outdoor deck building, speak to Versace Timbers today for the best pine solution.

Longevity: 15-20 years if properly cared for


Known for being the best wood for outdoor projects, cedar wood is a great wood for outdoor decks, more so because they’re water resistant. This means they can hold up through wet weather without the worry of rotting, wear and tear, or damage from large amounts of water and moisture. Cedar also emits a natural odour that works to repel bugs and insects, making it an all-rounder sort of wood.

Longevity: 25-40 years if properly cared for

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Depending on the project you’re undertaking, the selection of timber is subjective. Although there are a range of the best wood for outdoors on the market, it’s important you undertake thorough research on their durability and quality before making any purchases. Call Versace Timbers today if you’re wanting to discuss the best type of wood for your external projects, we offer an extensive background in the timber industry with reliable information and advice.

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