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Timber Door Designs to Refresh Your Home’s Façade

Changing simple aspects of a home can really make the atmosphere feel new again, from switching out the curtains to new ones, a lick of paint to lift the room, or even changing the style of the doors throughout, it just takes the right technique and design. Timber is already a popular material to have in the home, but it’s becoming increasingly common now more than ever with architects and designers getting creative with how they utilise timber. If you want to make a statement with the front door of your abode, timber door designs are abundant and beautiful.

The front door of your home is the focal point of when you come home or when guests come to visit. It’s the first thing that everyone sees and should play the part by looking inviting, unique, and pleasing to the eye. No matter what sort of timber door styles you’re into, there is a possibility to go the extra mile and create a door design that’s unique to your style.

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Beautiful Timber Door Designs

Horizontal Wood Panels

One of the most common timber door styles is shown through horizontal wood panels. These designs create a seamless and typically monochrome look to the door, giving homeowners the ability to create a classic and contemporary design or even an industrial styled entry. These doors are great as the homeowner can have fun with the fittings, giving the front door that extra touch of luxury.

Chevron Wood Panels

These specific timber door designs can be customised for any style of home. Whether you’re after a coastal, industrial, farmhouse or even eclectic feel, that’s the beauty of Chevron wood panels. This timber door style is a great break-away from your typical timber design and is often seen on those in-house barn doors that are popping up in new home builds and renovations. Depending on the stain used for this timber, your new door could look a million bucks in no time.

Mixed Wood Creations

Some designers are changing the game by mixing panels of wood to create unique and artistic timber door designs for their clients. This can be done using leftover timber and even recycled timber for a sustainable design process. Not only does this create a striking and unique talking point for the front of the home, but the shades and shapes that become evident in the design are just simply beautiful and are enough to create front door design trend.

Textured Wood Doors

Another great timber door style, for those who enjoy artistically designed home improvements, is textured and sculpted wood. For something that is personal and totally unique to your home, you could have a front door specially commissioned and tailored to your desires. From dimensional timber arrangements to stone-like timber positioned like a puzzle, the design opportunity when it comes to installing a timber door is endless – especially if you have a quality designer on your side.  

Laser Carved Wood

Laser carved doors aren’t well heard of, but they create such a gorgeous accompaniment to any home transformation. If you’re wanting to finesse the style of your front door and the visual effect that the front of your home has, laser carving is a great process to consider. Custom doors are pretty popular when it comes to home builds and renovations, but it’s how people design their custom doors that make a world of difference. Installing a door that has never been seen before can even raise the value of your home, especially if it’s a striking design that’s new to the world of home designs. 

Designing a home is a unique and personal journey for homeowners, but nothing makes the process memorable quite like creating custom furniture and fittings that are specially tailored to your wants and needs. The front door should be the focal point of your residence, and we’ve all seen how generic they can be. Don’t be afraid to step up to the plate once in a while and pitch a design that you know will be the master centrepiece to the entry of your abode.

Ready to Upgrade Your Door?

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