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Benefits of Prefab Framing

Building a home is both an exciting and arduous exercise. On one hand, you can turn the vision of the home you’ve always wanted into reality, on the other; ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout your build requires careful planning. The average home build in Australia falls at around four to twelve months and there is often a lot of variability in how long it actually takes before you receive the keys to move into your dream home. Recently there has been a resurgence in home construction methods that offer faster builds, higher quality, and improved sustainability all for an affordable price. While not a new method of building homes, prefab framing has been on the rise in Australia due to its many advantages over traditional building methods.

At Versace Timbers, our Mitek fabrication team use the latest and up-to-date software to manufacture prefab timber framing and timber trusses Brisbane wide. If you’re looking for quality prefab framing that meets all of the current Australia standards, reduces installation time, labour costs and clean up, call our team for a quote on your build today.

Benefits of Constructing Your Home with Prefab Framing

Key Benefits of a prefab frame include:

  • Superior quality control;
  • Faster construction time;
  • Improved scheduling;
  • Improved job site safety;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Affordability.

Superior Quality Control

Unlike traditional methods of construction that require a home to be built piece by piece on the construction site, prefab framing is planned, assembled and built in a controlled location by a specialised frame building team. Throughout the fabrication process, your plans are carefully reviewed, and frames are built to your exacting specifications. With a prefab timber frame, you know the end product that arrives on your construction site will have consistent craftsmanship throughout, ensuring a quality build.

Faster Construction Time

Prefabricating the frame of your home often takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction. As your prefab timber frame is built in a controlled and weather-resistant environment, the build is not affected by weather, subcontractor or scheduling delays. Upon delivery, a prefabricated frame can often be assembled in a matter of days rather than the weeks it takes to build a frame on-site.

Improved Scheduling

With prefab framing, your frame can be built ahead of time and delivered to your build site as soon as the foundations are finished. With fast on-site assembly, trades can coordinate and quickly get to work with other aspects of the build rather than having to wait for the lengthy frame construction process.

Improved Jobsite Safety

Prefabrication takes place in a weather-controlled environment which significantly reduces some of the risks and liabilities associated with a traditional build. As fabrication takes place in a factory rather than on-site, safety requirements can more easily be monitored and maintained allowing for a safer build using specialised machinery.


Prefab framing technology has come a long way in the last decade. In an effort to significantly reduce waste, extra materials used in the manufacture of a prefab frame can easily be put to use and recycled in-house rather than the wastefully sending these materials to landfill. On average, a prefab timber frame will use 10% less timber than traditional on-site frame construction.


Not only can you save big on materials, with prefab framing there’s no risk of unreliable contractors or unproductive staff. Once your frames have been quoted, they are built according to plan at the agreed upon price and delivered when you need them. A prefab timber frame is a no-hassle, no-stress option that can be surprisingly affordable.

Want to learn more about the benefits of prefab framing over a traditional build? Get in touch with our timber and building supplies team and build your new home with a prefab timber frame today.

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