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Blackbutt Wood Spotlight

What is Blackbutt wood?

Blackbutt wood is a strong and durable hardwood that’s popular for external applications and decking. Hailing from South East Queensland but also commonly found throughout New South Wales, Blackbutt wood is one of the most frequently used timbers in Australia – in fact, Parliament house in Canberra uses it as timber flooring. The heartwood (inner wood) part of Blackbutt can be found in pale browns to golden yellow, whereas the sapwood (outer portion) is a much paler version. It features a straight grain and coarse features and is known to have gum veins which can range in prominence.

Common name


Scientific Name


Eucalyptus pilularis

Species Type




South East Australia



Heartwood is pale brown with tinge of pink, Sapwood is slightly paler.



Uniform and moderately course. May contain gum veins.

Rot Resistance


Moderately rot resistant


930 kg/m3

Stress Grade

F11, F14, F17, F22 (unseasoned), F17, F22, F27, F34 (seasoned)



Above ground (40 years +) In ground (15 – 25 years)



Dries well using air seasoning


Can be prone to surface checking so may be difficult to paint. Takes well to oiling, staining, and polishing.

Common Uses


Railway sleepers, bridge construction, timber framing, cladding, decking and furniture

Blackbutt Wood at Versace Timbers

At Versace Timbers, all of our Blackbutt wood is ethically sourced and from suppliers approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This means that for every Blackbutt tree cut down, a new seed will be planted in its place. Our Blackbutt wood is available in various colours, shapes and sizes and can be used for several internal and external applications.

What is Blackbutt wood used for?

For residential projects, blackbutt hardwood is commonly used as decking timber and flooring as it’s a warm, neutral timber that goes with virtually any style of décor. With colours ranging from yellows and browns to light pinks, blackbutt allows homeowners to add a touch of earthiness to their home. Blackbutt wood can also be customised even further, as it easily takes to oiling, staining, and polishing. Blackbutt hardwood is especially good for flooring, as it’s low maintenance and can take heavy foot traffic relatively well.

For the perfect indoor flooring

With a high rating on the Janka hardwood scale, Blackbutt wood is the perfect choice for areas with high foot traffic as it’s relatively dent and scratch resistant. Its versatile colour range also makes it a popular choice, as you’ll be hard pressed not to find a colour that suits your style.

For a strong outdoor deck

Blackbutt wood is known for it’s strength and durability, which is why it’s a popular timber choice for outdoor decking. This means that not only will your deck stand the test of time, but it will require less maintenance than timbers known to tannin leach.

For a timber that offers superior fire resistance

Blackbutt wood offers a strong resistance to fires, with the buttress of the tree known for darkening after a bush fire (hence the name). It’s one of few timbers suited for BAL areas (bushfire attack level) and is listed as one of seven timbers suitable for bushfire prone areas by the Building commission of Victoria.

Want to learn more?

Thinking of using blackbutt hardwood in your home or construction project and would like more information? Get in touch with the team at Versace Timbers for a quote on Blackbutt wood. If you’d like any tips and tricks to getting the most of out your Blackbutt wood. You can call us on 07 3266 9000, contact us online or visit us at our timber supplies yard located at 33 Vauxhall Street in Virginia.

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