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To Refinish or Replace Wood Floors? Which is Best?

Hardwood floors are a classic accompaniment to any décor style of home. With this timeless appearance comes a trade-off of their longevity. Over time, hardwood flooring can lose its lustre, crack or splinter if not properly maintained. This is when you need to ask yourself if it’s time to replace your hardwood floors or if they need to be refinished. Whilst it may be an easier, quick-fix to refinish hardwood flooring, it can often be a painstaking process to be done properly. Often the cheapest long-term solution is to replace wood floors. This is usually the most common option as they are elegantly finished straight from the box, and often the installation process is minimal.

Looking at replacing hardwood floors in your home? Versace Timbers has all the hardwood timber supplies and material you need to replace wood floors. Call us on 07 3266 9000 or you can request a call online and we’ll go through all the steps for your new hardwood floors. You can even visit our timber yard at Samantha Place, Shed 2B/605 Zillmere Rd, Aspley QLD 4034.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

While not as straightforward as a total replacement, a timber flooring refinish can be an easy way to breathe new life into dated timber flooring. The total timeline for a timber floor refinish can be anywhere from four to five days once completed. The process for timber flooring can also be highly involved; From sanding and stripping the existing sealant, varnish and staining, to allowing enough drying time in between the new coats of stain, sealant and varnish. The process often becomes tedious and too extensive to undertake for often the most experienced home renovator. A complete floor replacement is often the more favourable option.

Replacing Hardwood Floors

Rather than a refinish, a full replacement of your timber floors can often be a quicker and more straightforward process. The timeline for a timber floor replacement is often one to three days with the proper preparation in place. Replacing your timber floor is not only an aesthetic improvement but it can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. A well maintained, solid hardwood timber floor has a wide array of natural insulation properties to help your home run more efficiently.

Timber Flooring Materials

We offer a wide range of solid and mixed hardwood timber flooring materials. Our range of pine flooring is a great alternative to more traditional hardwood flooring materials. While pine flooring board can offer a unique look, they will need to be well maintained to ensure the maximum lifespan possible. We are also a registered reseller of Boral Engineered Timber Flooring. This flooring option is the perfect composite blend of both multi-layered wood as well as a hardwood top base for the added style and feel of the solid timber flooring material.

The range of timber flooring materials we have on offer:

  • Cyprus Hardwood
  • Mixed Hardwood; Standard & Australiana
  • Pine
  • Boral Engineered Flooring
  • Untreated Pine and Particleboard.

Are you wondering about replacing hardwood floors? Speak to our timber supplies Brisbane team today for more information on how to replace wood floors in your home! Call on 07 3266 9000 or you can request a call online and we’ll talk you through all the steps for your new hardwood floors.


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