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Spotted Gum Wood Spotlight

Spotted Gum wood is a popular choice for decking, as it’s a tough, durable wood with excellent termite resistance. The warm, rich vibrance of the wood and wide array of colour options makes it an attractive option for virtually any style of décor.

What is Spotted Gum?

Spotted Gum is a eucalyptus tree that can be found along coastal areas of New South Wales and even in some parts of Queensland. Characterised by their spotted appearance, Spotted Gum comes in colours ranging from light brown to dark brown. This highly versatile wood is used in applications from decks and cladding to bridge construction and railway sleepers. Spotted Gum wood also has the added benefit of being a good wood for woodworking, making it suitable for furniture projects.

Common name


Spotted Gum

Scientific Name


Corymbia maculata (syn. Eucalyptus maculata)


Species Type





Australia (coastal regions of New South Wales).




Pale greys off-white and cream variations, and rich, deep dark browns and red-browns.




Moderately coarse texture, with gum veins common (grains can sometimes create gorgeous fiddleback pattern.


Rot Resistance


Rot and termite resistant.



1010kg/m3 at 12% moisture content


Stress Grade

F11, F14, F17, F22 (unseasoned); F17, F22, F27, F34 (seasoned)




Class 2 (life expectancy 15–25 years).




Dries using conventional air and kiln seasoning.



Easy to work with and will produce a nice finish. Suitable for multiple projects including woodworking.

Common Uses


Engineering – Commonly used in bridge construction, wharves, railway sleepers and mining timbers.


Construction – Unseasoned timber in house framing.


Seasoned dressed timber in cladding, flooring, and joinery.


Fencing, landscaping, retaining walls and structural plywood and hardboard.


Decorative –furniture, turnery, and parquetry.


Spotted Gum wood
at Versace Timbers

Our Spotted Gum wood is ethically sourced from FSC certified suppliers. This means for every tree harvested, a tree is planted in its place. Versace Timber Spotted Gum is available in a wide range of lengths, thicknesses, widths, colours, and dressings to suit numerous construction projects.

What is Spotted Gum used for?

Spotted Gum for decking

Spotted Gum hardwood is a favourite for decking projects, as its highly durable and retains its colour well. Its low tannin count means it doesn’t ‘bleed’ like other types of timber, which means it’s slow to fade when faced with strong weather. It’s also very resistant to scratches and knocks and has a Janka hardness rating of 11 – making it one of the strongest hardwoods on the market.

Spotted Gum for flooring

With its rich, warm range of colours and desirable hardwood properties, Spotted Gum hardwood is a very popular choice when it comes to flooring. Its ability to instantly lighten up a room with its natural essence sees it commonly used in households and commercial spaces, as the mismatched pattern of the timber instantly adds dimension and character.

Spotted Gum for fencing

As an attractive timber that stands strong against weather conditions, Spotted Gum is a common choice for fencing projects. Whether it’s a standalone feature or paired with a matching deck, Spotted Gum offers a natural appeal that’s hard to match.

Want to Learn More?

Interested to learn more about Spotted Gum hardwood or would like to purchase some Spotted Gum for your next project? Get in touch with the friendly Versace Timbers’ team for a quote on Spotted Gum or to discuss how you’d like to use it in your home. You can call us on 07 3266 9000 or email [email protected] if you have any questions about our range of timbers available. Or head over to our timber yard located in 33 Vauxhall St Virginia QLD 4014 to chat to one of our timber specialists in person.

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