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Creating An Eco Friendly Home With Sustainable Timber

An eco friendly home and environmentally friendly materials are factors that need to be considered in a move toward a climate-neutral society. Using materials that have a low environmental impact to make an environmentally friendly house is a good step towards sustainability and can even results in cheaper utility bills too. Concrete and steel have a big impact on greenhouse gases while on the other hand timber can be used in eco friendly house construction to minimise the impact on greenhouse gases. Timber absorbs carbon dioxide and is top-notch as a sustainable environmentally responsible material.

Family owned and operated, Versace Timbers can help you find answers to questions about sustainable materials, we source our materials from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests, and other hardware suppliers. Stop in for a friendly chat with the friendly experts at the timber yard Brisbane is continuously impressed with and continue reading for more on the benefits of timber for your eco friendly home.

Key Benefits of Timber in an Eco Friendly Home

Environmental benefits

The construction process of a house can make up over half of its climate impact when factoring in its entire life cycle. Timber offers a variety of advantages to its use in environmentally friendly house construction. Besides being charming and aging beautifully it is not toxic and is safe to touch.

Its use can reduce the carbon footprint of new homes with the carbon in timber would adding to the greenhouse effect. In fact, when it comes to building materials, timber has the least amount of carbon dioxide emissions and the lowest amount of energy consumption. It is at the top of the environmentally friendly materials list.

Thermal function

Timber makes an outstanding insulating material. Pockets of air inside the woods cellular construction create a natural wall to heat and cold. It fails to get cold, nor does it disperse heat. Lightweight timber is the best overall insulator when compared to steel or concrete and can go a long way towards improving comfort and lowering non-renewable energy usage in an eco friendly home. Furthermore, timber-framed houses can fit extra insulation materials without adding thickness to the ceiling, floor, or roof.

Cost benefits

Timber is a readily available material that is also sustainable. It continues to be replanted and grown around the world so as long as this cycle continues it will always be on hand. Since it is readily available the cost is comparably inexpensive.

Material advantages

Factoring in its weight, timber is the strongest of all building materials. It takes minimal power to handle and manipulate. Modern tools and glue allow it to quickly be put together with ease. We previously mentioned how beautiful timber can be, and is, but it is also easily changed with oils, paints, and stains which gives it aesthetic flexibility. Additionally, long term maintenance costs are often low when timber is used.


Wood structures will last several lifetimes when properly constructed, cared for and maintained, with modern treatments helping to bolster it against insects and fungus.

End of the lifecycle

When timber does finally start to decay and degrade it is a completely safe environmentally friendly process. Microorganisms naturally break it down and help it biodegrade. This makes the entirety of timbers lifecycle very green.

Curious to know more?

Versace Timbers is based in Brisbane and we have been supplying timber materials, sound advice, and hardware supplies since 1956. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about using timber to construct an eco friendly home. Please feel free to call us on 07 3266 9000 or make a request online. You are also welcome to drop in and visit us at the Versace Timbers timber yard in Virginia at 33 Vauxhall St Virginia QLD 4014.



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