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Making a Treehouse: Which Timber is Best?

It’s the ultimate play space. The one we all wanted as kids to spend all of our days in with our friends. The adventures a treehouse can offer are limited only by the imagination of the child. While the Australian Government has several regulations and recommendations for making a treehouse, several basic structural necessities will be needed to be considered when constructing a backyard tree house.

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Timber for Your Backyard Tree House

For Your Framing

Even if you’re putting together a simple tree house, the type of timber you use to construct your backyard tree house can quite literally make or break it. Using the best structural-grade material is crucial for the longevity and perhaps, more importantly, the safety of your treehouse. Using Laminated Veneer Timber is a great choice for the framing materials of your treehouse. The highly-engineered timber product will provide extensive structural integrity to even the most simple tree house. Bonded together under intense heat and pressure, it is primarily used for long-term construction applications.

While hardwoods such as Balau or Merbau would seem like great choices given their density and price, it isn’t always the best option. When constructing the foundations of your tree house, you need to ensure there is a balance between the weight and the strength of the timber. Laminated Veneer Timber is a perfect mix of the two.

We have a great range of H2s & H3S structural-grade lumber and are more than happy to speak through your ideas to find a perfect solution for you.

For the Walls

Once you have the framing and foundations laid for your tree house, the next step is the walls and exterior protection. Keeping the elements out of the tree house is not only crucial for the comfort and useability of the tree house, but also the lifespan of the tree house. You spent time and money on your project, it should be enjoyed for years to come.

Timber weatherboard cladding is an aesthetically beautiful choice for the exterior of your tree house and can be attached to standard plywood sheets anchored to the existing framing. This will ensure that water, debris will not enter the inside of your tree house leaving it prone to rot or mould.

We have an extensive range of fascia panelling, chamferboard, and weatherboards perfect for your tree house’s exterior. Speak with any of our staff today. 

For the Flooring

Your tree house needs to be able to handle years of adventures and activities. A reliable hardwood flooring product will be crucial to maintain the look and durability of your tree house. You want to look for a hardwood product that’s naturally rot-resistant. Although technically a softwood, Cypress makes a great choice as well.

We have a great range of durable and long-lasting hardwood products great for treehouse flooring. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Ready to Get Started?

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