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Different Types of Flooring – What is Best?

If you’re looking to change your flooring or are in the process of building a new home, there are a lot of different flooring options available. But depending on the room you’re updating; some flooring options are more suitable than others. You’ll want to factor in moisture content, foot traffic and whether you have the time to keep it clean (carpet is notoriously high maintenance). In today’s blog, the Versace Timbers, timber flooring suppliers team takes a look at the different types of flooring and which rooms are best suited to each one.

What to look for in your flooring

Durable: Flooring takes a lot of foot traffic, so choosing high-quality materials is crucial to ensuring your floor lasts.

Maintenance: Is it easy to clean? This is especially important if you have a home with children or pets.

Looks: Do you prefer the natural warmth of timber? Maybe the earthy look of stone? Or for a sleek, minimalistic feel, maybe tiles are your pick?

Budget: What is your budget, and can you afford the ongoing costs for maintenance?

Different types of flooring for the home

Different types of flooring for bathrooms

When it comes to choosing flooring for your bathrooms, finding something that can withstand high moisture content is the highest priority. For this reason, ceramic tiles are often one of the most popular flooring options as it offers high durability and resistance to stains. Porcelain tiles and vinyl flooring are also common options, though vinyl flooring tends to look cheap. If you like the warmth of timber but don’t want wooden floors warping with moisture, engineered wood provides the best of both worlds as it can withstand moisture better than normal timber.

Different types of floorboards for kitchens

Kitchens are a high traffic area, which is why you’ll need flooring that can bear the brunt. Vinyl flooring is a common choice for homeowners who want to want a cost-effective and hard-wearing floor, as it withstands foot traffic relatively well. Laminate flooring is also a common choice for homeowners who want a similar look to timber but are constrained to a budget. If you’d like the real thing, engineered timber is a great option for kitchens as it’s highly durable.

Different types of floorboards for living rooms

You’ll have endless flooring options with a living room, as you don’t have to make the same considerations you would with a kitchen or bathroom. Many homeowners love the natural warmth and richness of hardwood timber, which also has the added benefit of being an attractive feature to buyers come sale time. Pine flooring is also a fantastic option for those looking for a more rustic look, which can last for decades if cared for well.

Different types of flooring for bedrooms

Like living rooms, bedrooms are also a relatively easy room to choose flooring for as you have a wide array of options available. If carpet isn’t your thing, hardwood timber is the natural choice as it can be easily cleaned and maintained. Engineered wood can give your bedroom a more luxurious feeling and offer even more durability than natural wood. If you’re doing a bedroom on a budget, laminate flooring is the next best thing and comes in various colours and textures.

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